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Team Work

Our team is composed of experienced professionals who take a highly pragmatic approach to client issues and deliver analysis that is solidly grounded by experience and know-how. We provide both strategic advice and the business services required to translate that advice into action. Our team is made up of consultants with varied nationalities.

Global leaders in strategy analysis and provision of critical business guidance

Retail Consulting

Our roots and core strengths are in retail consulting, every aspect of retailing. We are merchants who are consumed with excelling at every action which compels consumers to purchase products. We relentlessly focus on helping our retail consulting clients develop strategies which achieve excellence in store locations, store environments, product offerings and visual merchandising. Retail marketing, store operations, and back office support. These are the elements which create the consumer’s retail experience and determine success or failure.

Wholesale Channel

While most of our clients have evolved or are evolving to omni-channel distribution strategies, many were formerly exclusively distributing through wholesale channels which remain extremely important to their financial performance. Cyntrix Force has combined its exceptional B to C capabilities with equal skills in bringing product to market through third party retailers to create seamless and highly effective total market strategies.


Long before the seismic shift to ecommerce, social media, and mobile marketing, Cyntrix Force began adding to its resources best of class talent and experience to ensure that our clients were maximizing their performance in a changing world. These resources combined with our expertise in the brick and mortar world allow us to create true omni-channel distribution and CRM strategies which are highly effective.

Investment Consulting

Private equity investors have trusted and retained Cyntrix Force to provide pre-transaction advisory services including deep dive due diligence. We also are routinely asked by these clients to work with existing portfolio companies to improve staff and structure, infrastructure, and business processes aimed at increased productivity and profitability. Our private equity clients include small highly specialized firms as well as large and the likes.

"Our leaders aren't following industry trends, they're setting them."

Insights with Impact

Cyntrix Force Consulting's portfolio of services draws on our core capabilities of research, benchmarking, modeling, analysis and strategy development to help companies determine the best way forward with precision and confidence.

Clients rely on us to define clear, practicable solutions for their challenges and opportunities while seeking our support during their transition, ensuring they have the relevant capability and commitment to change.

Yes We Can

Bringing greater certainty to vital business decisions

Cyntrix Force Consulting helps companies achieve tangible, high-impact results. We have proven experience and expertise in applying sophisticated analytics to complex issues. Our solutions give executives the tools they need to make critical business decisions with greater certainty.

Increasing the pace and precision of strategic decision-making

Our clients often need to respond quickly to changes in the business climate to take advantage of windows of opportunity. Rapid technological innovation, sudden shifts in financial markets, and new competition created by mergers and acquisitions all demand a swift response at both the strategic and tactical levels. But the best course of action isn't always clear, and conventional wisdom is not always the correct response.

Increasing the pace and precision of strategic decision-making

Cyntrix Force helps business leaders across a wide range of industries make better decisions more quickly and confidently. Clients value our ability to generate critical insights, develop truly differentiated strategic choices, and make clear, actionable recommendations. We believe that leaders will see improved performance and enhanced shareholder returns when they are able to make better business decisions faster.


Cyntrix Force offers a full range of consulting services to retail, e-commerce, wholesale and omni-channel businesses, as well as firms that invest in the consumer sector.

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